“Bestie Row”

Bestie Row 23

Bestie Row the term made popular by disinformation experts who twisted the story of how 4 vacation cabins came into existence in Llano, Texas. The story continues to, in various fictitious forms, circle the earth for years and has found itself on just about every ‘media’ outlet (advertising platform) on the now defunct incarnation of the digital wasteland that we call the internet. Posted and reposted millions of times the story mutated into fictional nonsensical drivel that clearly has driven millions of clicks by naive consumers whom robotically re-share, re-tweet, re-whatever they see, driving ad revenue and analytics for corporations that want to destroy you, your society, your family, and everything that is good in life. They continue working day and night to destroy everything good that is left in favor of their fraudulent despotic data driven frameworks, at everyone’s expense, just to keep your eyes on site.

So now I will define what the real story of “Bestie Row” is. The story is “Bestie Row” became an NFT. What is an NFT but a license for intellectual property? In this case yes.

To make the real story of “Bestie Row” interesting the purchase of this NFT “Bestie Row 23” is a commercial/editorial single use license for the internet. Ownership of this NFT grants the right to post this image on a single location on the internet.

Now “Bestie Row” is performance art.

The NFT can be found here: https://fractional.art/vaults/bestie-row

This post was written by Alexander Bayonne Stross

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